All About Adhesive Power Of The Magnetic Tape

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The adhesive induce for magnetic tape and sheet is defined in g/cm² at our web shop. It has been quantified on the metal plate
also represents ideal problems. For technical applications various parameters Want to be considered:Direction of forceA Magnetic
adhesive forceB Holding strength diagonal to the magnetic stripesDo Holding strength parallel to some magnetic stripesA = Magnetic
adhesive forceB Holding strength diagonal into the magnetic stripesC Holding power parallel to the magnetic stripesMagnetic
adhesive force (a): In a right angle to the outside that the needed strength for separating the magnetic tape from the metal plate
is measured. Our adhesive compel indications in our web store always make reference to strain in such a direction. However, the
adhesive power of two tapes is up to 50% more sturdy in contrast to tape and iron, because the tape is the best adhesive coating.
Keeping power (b):This type of strain happens once you hang up an object (e.g. a film or some symbol ) using a flat magnetic tape
onto another horizontal magnetic tape onto the wall. After the fat becomes too heavy, the tape"jumps" into the next but one
particular stripe or will be pushed off the other tape and the object falls into the floor. That happens at a weight of about 80
percent of those magnetic adhesive push.Keeping strength parallel (c):The friction of plastic on vinyl is not very high. Thus, the
adhesive force inside this management is only about 40 percent of their signal in our web shop.A numeric example with holding
power (Scenario b)Job: a bit of magnetic tape Magnetic adhesive tape ferrite 20 mm, 20 mm wide and 200 mm long, is glued
horizontally into the backside of an aluminium sign. The other magnetic tape of exactly the exact measurement is glued
horizontally to some non-magnetic door. How heavy can the sign be to stick securely into the door? The tape features a maximum
adhesive pressure of 102 g/cm² (according to specifications at the web store ). Therefore, the maximum adhesive pressure of the
whole strip is forty x 102 = 4 080 gram, thus approx. 4 kg.For the planned vertical strain between your two tapes you can expect
at probably the maximum 80 percent keeping energy, ergo max. Approx. 3,2 kg.You must always permit a generous safety perimeter.
Inside this circumstance it would be useful if the sign did not weigh more than two kg, because the do or is exposed to powerful
vibrations when it really is being stored shut.If the sign is thicker, we propose with a third or second shot of magnetic tape, a
very vast magnetic tape or a strongly magnetised magnetic tape Magnetic adhesive tape neodymium 20 M M. In extreme instances you
can use a self-adhesive magnetic sheet and then glue it across the total backside of the sign. That is what we did using a kitchen
timer at the subsequent movie.A numerical example With-holding strength concurrent (Scenario c)Process: Identical to circumstance
b, but we glue the magnetic tape vertically and centred onto the backside of a sign. In the place of 20 cm that the tape is only
1-5 cm long.Calculation: The maximum adhesive power of this tape would be thirty x 102 = 3060 g, ergo approx. 3 kg. For that
projected parellel strain between the two tapes you are able to expect in the maximum 40 percent retaining strength, ergo max.
Approx. 1,2 kilogram.This really is probably insufficient to attach the hint securely to the entranceway, because it warms up and
shut and is exposed to vibrations. The parallel strain of the magnetic tape is hence not advised. Or as mentioned above, you need
to work with a self-adhesive magnetic sheet and then paste it to the entire backside of this hint.Other Aspects affecting adhesive
forceThe adhesive compel specifications at the web shop demand ideal conditions. Content, floor texture and operating temperature
possess an important effect over the adhesive pressure of a magnetic tape or sheet.The maximum adhesive power may only be done on
smooth surfaces and onto full contact. The tape or sheet needs to be placed level and directly on the counterpart and must not
generate bubbles.General factors influencing adhesive force are listed in one of their different FAQ. Magnetic tapes and sheets
cannot accomplish the adhesive pressure of neodymium magnets.When there is no immediate contact to a iron counterpart - a parcel
of paper between tape/sheet and counterpart is enough - the adhesive drive declines rapidly. Magnetic tapes and sheets do not
adhere whatsoever magnetic glass boards, because the distance is also terrific.Before you apply magnetic tape and sheet large
locations, we recommend experimenting with a small sequence first.